Heartfelt: Home Hero Widgets Section

The widgetized area labeled “Home Hero” will accept any widgets but we’ve crafted an icon/text for display in this space as demonstrated in the demo:

We’ve used three standard Text widgets in the “Home Hero” space. You can add your own by navigating to Appearance > Widgets:

Pasting the following text into each individual Text widget will display the content as seen in the demo:


If you have the Rescue Shortcodes plugin activated, you’ll be able to use  a number of different icons. Simply replace the name “globe” as demonstrated in the snippet above with whichever icon name you’d like to use.

Additionally, you can adjust the icon size by changing the multiplier number: fa-4x

You can adjust the widget area colors from the customizer settings:

Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Home: Hero Widgets

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