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Thank you for purchasing this theme! A big high-five from the Rescue Themes team!

This document covers the installation and use of this theme and is intended to get your site up and running quickly.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to send us a message through our ThemeForest contact form.

Quick Start

  1. Install & Activate the Theme

    Download the 'Installable WordPress file only' from your Envato Marketplace account's download area and upload/activate the .zip file in WordPress.

  2. Install & Activate Recommended Plugins

    After the theme is activated, a list of recommended plugins will be displayed at the top of the WordPress admin area. Install and activate those plugins by selecting 'Begin installing plugins'.

    Plugin Notice
    Plugin List
  3. Import the Demo Files

    Demo Content

    Once the plugins are installed and activated, upload the demo content XML file with the WordPress importer. This file will be located within the 'All files & documentation' download package in your Envato Marketplace account's download area.

    Notice: Check the 'Download and import file attachments' option after clicking 'Upload file and import'. This will import demo images. It may take a couple extra minutes to import but it'll be worth it.


    Importing Widgets

    To import the demo widgets, install and active the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin.

    Navigate to Tools > Widget Importer & Exporter > Choose the 'heartfelt-widgets.wie' file from the 'demo-content' folder from the all files download package.

  4. Assign Home and Blog Pages

  5. From the Reading Settings of your WordPress site, assign the Home page as the 'Front page' and the Blog page as the 'Posts page'.

  6. Assign Menus

  7. With your demo content imported, you can now assign the demo navigation menus.

  8. Customize!

    Use the live customizer to set your theme options:

    Appearance > Customize > Theme Options


  9. Donation Page

    The donation system used on the demo is donately. Donately is a suggested donation system and you're welcome to use any alternative system that you'd like.

    To display the donately donation form, create a Donately account and navigate to:

    Manage > Forms

    Create a form, copy the generated code, and paste it into your donation page.

    Widetized Areas

    Widget Areas

    There are several widgetized areas in this theme. Example content used in the demo within those widgets are:

    Home Hero Area: The demo is using a Soliloquy Slider shortcode in a text widget.
    eg. [soliloquy id="778"]

    Home Hero

    Home Top Area: The demo is using 3 text widgets with the following general structure in each:

    Home Top Area

    Home Left Area (Who We Are. Our Mission):

    Home Left Area

    Home Right Area (Help Us Reach our Goal):

    Home Right Area

    Note: Make sure that you have the Rescue Shortcode installed and activated if you would like to use the shortodes in those text widgets.

    Home Events Area

    If you have the Events Calendar plugin activated, you'll have an Events List widget avaialble to you. We've added this widget to the "Home Events Area" on the home page.

    Home Events

    Footer Left, Footer Middle, Footer Right

    The footer section has 3 widgetized area columns that will allow you to stack an unlimited number of widgets:


    Inner Pages

    The inner pages widgetized area will be available in the customizer once you navigate to an inner page with that section available, such as the blog page:

    Inner Page

Shortcode List

To use our shortcodes, please activate the Rescue Shortcodes plugin.

For an example of these shortcodes in action, visit the example pages:

Shortcode Elements and Shortcode Grid


Zurb Foundation

Google Fonts - Open Sans

Fancybox v2

Font Awesome

Expanding Search Bar


Rescue Themes Plugins

Recommended 3rd Party Plugins & Services:

Last but not least, thank you for purchasing this theme!

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