Launching our first iOS app for WordPress REST API

There are exciting changes happening in the WordPress world and the WordPress REST API is arguably the most exciting of them all! With the content endpoints approved to be merged in WordPress 4.7, WordPress will soon be used as an application framework unlocking standard ways to access and create content.

One way content will be consumed is through mobile apps, and we are excited to launch our first iOS app template for WordPress blogs! This template is a native iOS app that can view and share your WordPress blog posts utilizing the WordPress API. Using it with your blog is as simple as changing a few text options in the settings file and we have a quick video demo that shows the basics of the template.

The app is also a good way for WordPress developers who want to learn iPhone development and the Swift programming language.  The template is written in Swift 3 and gives you a jumpstart in creating a mobile application for your WordPress blogs.

We are very excited about creating mobile apps for WordPress and our first template is just the beginning. We plan on adding new features soon, for example, offline access, pages and more! We would love to hear your suggestions on what features would be important to you!

We invite you to watch the video demo of the app template in use.

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