Brewery: Creating the Beer Directory Pages

Entering beer is as simple as creating a post. 

Once activated, the Beer Directory plugin enables a beer post type for you to input and categorize your beer:

To display your beer, paste the beer shortcode in the page you’d like them to display and adjust the attributes to your liking.

Example shortcode attributes available:

[beer count="5" orderby="title" category="american-ale" id="34"] 

You can use the shortcode without any attributes and it will display all of the beer posts as a list:


To display a single beer, enter the post id of the beer you want to display:

[beer id="34"] 

The shortcode can be adjusted to display the following:

  • count – Enter the number of beer to display. To display all of the beer posts, enter -1 (negative one).
  • orderby – Enter any of the WP_Query orderby strings. A complete list can be viewed at Order & Orderby Parameters reference page.
  • category – Enter the name of the beer category to display. Leave blank to show all beer regardless of category.
  • id – To display an individual beer, enter the beer post’s id number.

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