Gateway: Creating the Homepage

This theme includes a home page template. To use the home page template, create a new page. The page can be named anything but for demonstration purposes we’ll name it “Home”. 

Assign the Home template to the page:

From the Reading Settings of your WordPress site, assign the Home page as the ‘Front page’:

The home page template consists of the following sections:

  1. Home Background Image: Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Home
  2. The background image will expand depending on the content added to the area so be sure to add content to the Home widget area. Don’t have any content to add? You can customize the height of your background image by using the Rescue Spacing shortcode in a text widget:

  3. Home Hero widget area: Appearance > Widgets > Home Hero
  4. Featured Posts: Appearance > Customize > Home
  5. Home Content: Any content entered into the home page editing area will display
  6. Footer widgets: Appearance > Widgets > Footer Left / Footer Center / Footer Right

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