Changing Settings in the app

A number of app settings can be configured easily in the Settings.swift file Under WordPressBlogAppTemplate->Helpers folder group. If you want to quickly test your site, just replace the website string with your site URL and click the Play button in the top left hand corner of Xcode. 

Below is summary of items you can change in the Settings file.

  • siteName – This displays on the main view and can be set to the name of you site
  • featuredImageSize – This is the WordPress Post Thumbnail image size that will be downloaded. WordPress has some built-in thumbnails (large, medium, etc) but your theme may have custom thumbnails defined.
  • noMorePostsText – The app includes infinite scrolling and will retrieve more posts as you scroll. This text displays when there are no more posts available to show. 
  • noConnectionText – This text is shown when something goes wrong and the app can’t connect to your site.
  • Under Colors you can set your custom colors and then uses those custom colors to set the colors of different elements in the UI. 
  • showAds – If you want to show iAds, you can change this to true – REMOVED in 1.1 because Apple shut down iAD. Currently evaluating other ad networks.
  • default.css – Located in WordPressBlogAppTemplate->Helpers. This controls the layout of the post content that is displayed when viewing a single post. You can change the css to meet your needs. 

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