Politics Plus: Theme Installation

1. Install & Activate the Theme #

If you downloaded from https://rescuethemes.com #

In the WordPress dashboard, upload the Politics theme zip file from Appearance > Themes.

If you downloaded from Envato: #

Download the ‘All files & documentation’ folder from your Envato Market download area.

Unzip the ‘All files & documentation’ folder and only upload/activate the Politics theme zip file from within the download package.

2. Install & Activate Recommended Plugins #

After the theme is activated, a notice will appear to install the recommended plugins. Install and activate that plugin by selecting ‘Begin installing plugins’.

Alternately, you can navigate to the plugin list at:

Appearance > Install Plugins

Be sure that you both “Install” and “Activate” the plugins in order to make them functional. 

3. Import the Demo Data #

The quickest way to setup your theme to mirror the demo is to import demo content. The demo content is entirely optional though. 

There are two demo content files: an .xml file for posts and pages and a .wie file for widgets.

Importing the .xml File #

Navigate to Tools > Import and select WordPress. Install the WordPress Importer plugin. Activate and run the importer.

Upload the demo content XML file:

Check the ‘Download and import file attachments’ option after clicking ‘Upload file and import’. This will import demo images.

4. Assign the Content #

Once both demo content files are installed, your site will have available all of the pages, posts, menus, and widgets as seen in the demo. 

Assign the menus at:

Appearance > Menus

Assign the Home and blog page templates at:

Settings > Reading

Continue customizing your site in the theme options at:

Appearance > Customize

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