Brewery: Creating the WooCommerce Shop Page

The Brewery theme is optimized for WooCommerce version 2.3+.

These are some basic steps to get your online shop up and running quickly. For complete instructions, please visit the  WooCommerce site.

If you imported the demo  .xml file content outlined in the theme installation documentation, select “Skip Setup” if WooCommerce asks you to create shop pages. Those pages were already imported and installing them again will just make duplicates.
If you have no imported the theme’s demo content, then WooCommerce will automatically create the necessary shop pages for you.

Once you have the plugin installed and the shop pages created, navigate to “WooCommerce > Settings > Products” and make sure that the main shop page is assigned:

Note: If images are blurry, you may need to regenerate the thumbnails with the Regenerate Thumbnail plugin as described in the WooCommerce documentation

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