NutritionWP: Creating a Recipe

Create a new recipe by clicking on NutritionWP > Add New Recipe from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Fill in your recipes details and assign any categories ex. Special Diet or Course.

Serving Sizes must be a number. For example to add “1 1/2” you only need to type in 1.5. We will convert it to “1 1/2” when you view your recipe’s page.

Add the desired Ingredients 

Add each step of your recipe to the Directions. You do not have to number each step as we will show each step in an ordered list when you view your recipe’s page. 

Each Step can have multiple photos associated with it.

Add Nutritional Information.

If you do not add any values to the Nutritional Information, we will not show the nutritional label on your recipe’s page.

We automatically calculate and show the FDA’s Recommend Daily Value % on your recipe’s page.

Click Publish to post your recipe.

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