Politics Plus: Adding Additional Home Page sections

Adding additional home page sections to Politics Plus can be accomplished using the homepage hook.

Home page reordering is only available with the Politics Plus theme.

First step will be to install and activate a child theme. This will allow for direct customizations to be made to theme files without those customizations getting overwritten during a theme update. We have prepared a child theme for both the Politics and Politics Plus themes.

Next, in the functions.php file of the child theme, add the following action:


Your new section will be available for positioning within the customizer settings:

Appearance > Customize > Home > Section Positions

You can also control the number of featured posts that appear by using the filter ‘secondary_featured_posts_per_page’: ( Politics Plus only )

function custom_num_secondary_posts_on_homepage() { 	return 6; } add_filter('secondary_featured_posts_per_page', 'custom_num_secondary_posts_on_homepage'); 
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