Featured Images are not Showing up in the App

Why are some or all of images not showing up?

The template uses the WordPress featured image for the article picture. 

  • Check the WordPress admin dashboard and see if the post has a featured image set.
  • Check which thumbnails are set the WordPress admin dashboard Settings-> Media Your theme can also create thumbnails, be sure to check your theme thumbnail options. By default the app template uses “large”, but you can change this to any thumbnail size your site supports. 
  • If you have set a featured image and some images are still not showing up, you may need to regenerate your thumbnail images. I recommend using https://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ it works really well.
  • Try changing static let featuredImageSize = “full” in Settings.swift to test if the full size images show up. I would not recommend using “full” in your final app because the images are full sized and it will be slower and take up more bandwidth to download. But it’s OK for troubleshooting purposes.

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